WordPress & Shopify Coding Help

I offer quick, inexpensive, simple assistance with Worpdress and Shopify sites.   I can do most tweaks very quickly for you, and in most cases its only a few dollars.

How can I trust you with my site?

I am a Shopify Partner.  Shopify has an option called Managed Sites.  After we discuss requirements I will send a request for access to your site via Shopify.   My request will be VERY LIMITED - depending on your need, in most cases it will be limited to your Theme Code & Site Navigation.  Shopify allows you to create these permissions to exclude access to orders, financials, account info, and just about everything else.  I will not see your sales, or customer information.   You will not be sharing your passwords with me. When we're ready to get started - just let me know.

WordPress is a little more complicated with permissions.  If you are savvy with it, you can set up a user with limited access.  If not - I would need admin access to do the work.  I would be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

As a point of good practice I save (on my local drive) a copy of any code prior to editing it, to easily revert any changes.

How much will it cost?

I'll provide a price prior to beginning work.  If once I'm into your code the job looks more complex, I may revise the price - if you agree to move forward, great - if not, there's no cost to you to end the project.

Most small changes may cost as low as $10 and would not be time variable.  For larger jobs, a price will be quoted based on an hourly estimate and a rate of $75/hr.

How do I pay you?

In most cases, I prefer that you pay after the work is done and you are happy with it.

After the job is delivered and complete please pay the agreed amount via Paypal using this link. 


I want your sites to work!  I suggest that clients keep my access open at least a few days after the job is complete in case any issues arise.  You are welcome to keep the access opened indefinitely if you plan to hire me for future work.

Let's get started

Chat with me on Facebook Messenger to discuss your project.