Etsy to Shopify Integration

Why Shopify? It is by far the simplest and most stable selling platform online, and monthly fees are reasonable for what they provide.

I’m happy to onboard you with Shopify, with an unlimited (time) trial, vs the 14 day trial Shopify offers directly. Unless you need help with coding/customization, I can only help on setups with completely new accounts. What I’ll need from you to get started:

  1. Your choice of a Store name. This is actually less important than you think. You can later change it to your .com and the store name is really only seen on the backend, and in the temporary link for now, that said, choose something relevant. If a name isn’t available, in this case it will be ok to add something to it as in “yournameSHOP”.
  2. Your contact info. Your full name, mailing address, phone # and an email address (any of this info can be changed later, but it needs to be populated with some legitimate information.
  3. A link to your current etsy store, I’ll be able to grab some basic elements from there.
  4. If you have an active etsy store, I’m happy to help you import your product listings, I’ll need the CSV file that can be exported from Etsy. This will save you a ton of time in setup. It can all be edited later. This will also help with allowing you to see your shop looking functional pretty quickly.
    Here’s how to export them:

Concerns you might have:

  • I wont have access to any of your payment information or your payment account. I wont be able to take your money or swipe your orders. You’ll set up payment gateway when you’re ready.
  • I’ll be a co-user of your account and then I will hand it to you, and then we’ll both be on the account. At the time to transfer full ownership, you will need to sign up and choose your Shopify plan. After that point, most people would just keep me on with access to the account, just in case they need help in the future. But it’s your business! You’re welcome to remove me from the account at any time for your privacy or if you simply don’t need me anymore.
  • I do setups like this for free. Why? Because once you sign up for an account I’ll make a small commission – it will cost you the same amount though as if you signed up directly with Shopify. What do you get? You’ll get my help for initial setup (you’ll be impressed how quickly we create a functional store), and you’ll get the benefit of unlimited setup time for your account (Shopify does not offer this directly to the public). At any point, if you feel you need my assistance with any customization or coding I offer those services for a fee. For a basic store you likely will not need it.